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Banshee Productions Ltd is a creative boutique company established in 2010. We are are passionate about inspiring visual story telling and creative film  making. We are inspired by good narratives and we put in a lot of energy supporting aspiring creatives. After working for many years in film production we felt it was time write and produce our first short film 'Ghost in the Machine' which was selected in many film festivals and got us motivated to write and produce more stories. With the cost of production and a slate of good scripts we thought of the comic book and graphic novel route where we launched 'Graphite Runner' and 'Katana Kid' an affordable route to get our stories made and we hope into animation. We desire to extend our creative endeavours and services to support individuals feeling stuck on their own projects. We offer  from creative consulting and mentoring from writing and producing your own project on a micro budget to workshops and inspiring co-productions.  Get in touch today with us about your own vision and how we can support your journey. 

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About me, myself and I... 

Gladys San Juan started her career as a co-producer for the award-winning short fan film 'Hunt for Gollum' in 2008, which had over 10,000,000 views on youtube.  Following the success of 'Hunt for Gollum, Gladys pursued her passion and trained to be a Script Supervisor where she got to work on award-winning films, including Star Wars Episode VII and Bafta winner short film 'Operator.  


​Gladys's great passion was story telling and film making and she became a BA Program Leader in Practical Film Making and Screenwriting and in 2018 she  was able fund and make her first short film 'Ghost in the Machine' as a writer and producer .


​Her time in higher education Gladys made great connections and formed collaborations where she got to direct some educational boutique videos and music videos then she teamed up with Bray Studios in 2019 to direct her short first film 'elephant' made in 16 mm B &W film.  elephant has been well received and selected into  fifteen world film festivals and winning best film at the prestigious Calcutta  Film Festival, British Urban Film Festival, S.O.U.L ,Urban World Film Festival, Toronto Black Film Festival and the Pan African Film Festival.

Currently she is working on completing 'Graphite Runner' the comic book and is preparing her second directorial debut, "F.E.E.L.

Link to her showreel  can be found here.




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