“We're everywhere, out there, among you” ― C.J. Morrow, The Finder

We are very exited to be back in development and pre-production of 'GHOST IN THE MACHINE'

I grew up around the wonderful world of magical realism. It's a big staple in our Cuban food diet.

These other worldly believes gave us some kind of hope or dreams. I can only feel that there were things out there greater than us or maybe even looking over us. I always felt protected.

Technology has a way of bringing the good in us and the worse. I am biased and balanced with it.

I won't say much about 'GHOST IN THE MACHINE' I'd like to surprise you a bit here. I learned it's best to show a little and tell less through the years. Theme we are trying to reach is where we draw the line with technology or where it draws the line with us. How if we aren't aware it can take over our lives creating or awakening scars, taking us down a deep hole of isolation, fear and even that new drug addiction the selfie. This short film takes all that social media has been labeled as our greater lesser evil and gives it a powerful twist.

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